Web Hosting Account Specifics

Hosting Essential Features
Suitable Number of Monthly Visits - This is an approximate number of visitor and is a mere reference rather than a restriction.~ 10,000 visits
Web Space - represents the amount of web storage allocated for this account - we use SSD storage10 GB space
Websites Hosted - Intended number of websites per account1
Data Transfer - we provide you with unmetered data transfer for your website, so you can grow your website freely and attract more and more visitorsUnmetered
MYSQL DB - You can have unlimited number of MySQL databases in your hosting accountUnlimited
Free Email Accounts - Unlimited number of FREE email accounts per domain name - e.g. - you@yourdomain.com. You can also use forwarders and aliases that allow you to forward emails received to any of your email accounts to another mailbox.Yes
cPanel & Softaculous - Includes the most popular hosting control panel, cPanel, into your hosting plan. We have also included Softaculous and their over 300 applications that can be added within cPanel with just a few clicks.Yes
We Load Your Site Faster
Server on Three Continents - We offer you (4) data center locations for the best website speed for your visitors from USA, Europe, and the Asia-pacific region.Yes
SSD Storage - All files and databases are stored on cutting edge Solid State Drive Technology. SSD provides for a 1000X increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.Yes
Free CDN with each account - Our FREE Cloundflare CDN makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. Cloudflare also protects your site by identifying and blocking malicious traffic to it.Yes
HTTP/2 enabled servers- HTTP/2 is the newest version of the HTTP protocol and it allows browsers to load websites much faster. HTTP/2 is supported by our servers. This means that all people that use a HTTP/2 ready browser to visit your site will enjoy faster loading times.Yes
We Prevent Downtime, SPAM, Hacks & Data Loss
Power Redundancy - Our data centers provide high level redundancy with multiple power feeds, own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technologyYes
Hardware Redundancy - We keep on-site replacement parts for every model of server hardware in operation to facilitate immediate reaction in the event of a hardware problem.Yes
Unique Account Isolation - We keep all accounts isolated from each other through a unique mechanism. So, even if there is one vulnerable hosting account, it will not affect the rest of the accounts on the same machine.Yes
The Fastest Server Monitoring- We use the fastest server monitoring and reaction system Guardian by 1H, which fixes overload and outage problems in less than one second after they have started.Yes
Proactive Updates & Patches- The highest level of our server software is ensured not only by regular updates but also by multiple custom security patches.Yes
SPAM Experts Spam Prevention- We offer one of the most advanced solutions against SPAM - SPAM Experts on all our accounts at no additional cost. Easily scalable and cPanel integrated, SPAM Experts provides protection for both incoming and outgoing email messages.Yes
Daily Backup Creation- We backup account data on a daily basis and provide an additional backup plugin in all of our websites.Yes